Fun day, a really fun day indeed. Especially duri…

In General - Old Posts on May 15, 2007 at 2:33 pm

Fun day, a really fun day indeed.

Especially during MOB, we had to throw an egg down six storeys and if they break, no points for us. So my group, me, sheena and herald, created the best creation of all. An egg supported by a balloon with a parachute attached. All of us gave ideas and eventually our egg survived the fall, we laughed like hell when we saw other eggs splatting on the ground, the yoke spilled out, what a waste of yoke( yes I love yoke a lot.). Poor ribka, she have to carry the balloon filled with yoke up the stairs to the sixth storey.

Seems like polytechnic life is starting to heat up, with more friends to talk and joke with, it’s so much better than the first few weeks. BUT, my studies are still in chaos state. Although I do understand more now, there is still more work to be done, LOTS of em.

btw, sheeeena, please don’t be pissed off over the emoboy debate. You win -_-


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