Procrastination Once Again Yes, it’s back, procr…

In General - Old Posts on May 12, 2007 at 9:32 am

Procrastination Once Again

Yes, it’s back, procrastination is back. Up to now, I think I’ve wasted at least 2 to 3 days procrastinating my studies. I’ve been so confused over the Economics module that I can safely say I don’t understand a shit. So I planned to read up the Economics notes, all of them, thank god it’s only 4 topics, however, this was an excuse not to read it up as soon as possible. But I’ll starting it later.

Today was furniture day, lots of furniture arrived in the morning and I had to help my mother out after I woke up at 9.32am. The weather was omfg-ish. It was so hot, I was sweating all day long, even walking from one part to another part of my house made me sweat like hell. That deterred me from studying in the first place, this shows how weather can affect studying mood. Our new television arrived at about 11pm, it was great. It was huge but at the same time so crisp and clear. Though watching non-digital channels sucks due to high resolution. I wonder when will HD channel be available to us, other than National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. Till they are released, watching normal TV programs will not fully utilize our new TV.

After doing a little configuration, I went to have a bath and tried to study, but unfortunately, I sweated the instant I left the bathroom and my mood turned even worse. Feeling crappy, I turned the air conditioner on and then went to watch tv. I fall asleep on the sofa soon after I on it. I woke up 2 hours later, then slept again. I was too tired, maybe because I slept at 2 yesterday.

After, fully waking up from sleep, I decided to decrapify my laptop, deleting any nonsense I find in my computer. Games, trailers and miscellaneous files are deleted. To realize my Gameless Nvironment Goal,any website related to games will be deleted. My computer is now game-free and it feels a lot faster. That’s all for today. Cya!


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