Gameless N’vironment

In General - Old Posts on May 12, 2007 at 10:16 am

Gameless N’vironment

Games, I had played it for ages, since 10 I guess. It have been my lifestyle since then. It was kinda serious at the beginning, playing them almost 24/7 during my Primary School life. Serious measures were taken by my mother, such as having power adapters with timings as such, they are unsuccessful in keeping games away from my life. This had to be done as games are seriously affecting my school work, grades were poor and the consequences were felt by myself. Thanks to last minute tuition, I didn’t flop my PSLE, it was a miracle.

My gaming “career” got a further boost when I made even more gaming friends in Secondary School. As PSLE scares were over, games came back to my life. My friends introduced me MMORPGs, which are also dubbed as “No life” games, games that you have to keep leveling up, consuming time like no body’s business. I did tried many retarded games, such as Maple Story, WoW and other lousy games. Luckily they are not to my liking. I wonder what are the consequences if I did invest my life into these games that many had did. Most of the teenagers plays these games nowadays, total retards I would say. Oh and not to forget, DOTA players as well although they don’t require much time, they require brains of retardness to play, serious. In polytechnic, it’s FULL of them.

Continuing my story, out of 4 years in Secondary School, I spent almost 3 years playing games. My results were as usual, poor, so poor I almost retained or got demoted into Normal Acadamic, which means I have to waste another year. Due to my lenient teachers, I got promoted although my results are poor. Until Year 4, the O level year, did I realize how much time I had wasted on gaming. If I had carried on the lifestyle I had for the last year, I’d be a loser in life and went on to ITE. I knew my life would end if I entered ITE. I imposed a ban on myself, but it didn’t work. It carried on until end of the June holidays, which I considered the first day of the third semester as the day I stopped gaming and thought about my future. How gaming can block the sun from shining on my future.

From that day onwards, I stopped gaming and started mass studying. Thank god I did quite well for o levels, compared to L1R4 of over 30 at the beginning of the year. However, I have been playing games till now, which I feel I should stop and fuel all my time into my studies, my future.
I aim to uninstall all my games from my computer and not buy any games until I finish poly or after the exams each year.

Big aim, easy solutions, hard to implement


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