Errors galore! [posted on 12 May 2007] Blogspot …

In General - Old Posts on May 11, 2007 at 3:59 pm

Errors galore! [posted on 12 May 2007]

Blogspot screwed up big time yesterday, it made at least 3 of my posting attempts yesterday. Each was at least 15 lines each. I was just elaborating what happened yesterday, a great lunch I had in school, then the feeling of freedom I had after boarding the bus.

My computer screwed up as well, being used to opening multiple programs at once on my desktop, did the same to my laptop. However, due to the presence of only 1GB rams on my laptop, it experienced a bottleneck. All the programs stalled and especially when I was doing my new background, I had to go the slow approach, wait for the programs to respond again, I don’t want to lose my work unnecessarily. Talking about the background, got the picture from Skyscrapercity once again, I forgot who took that picture but sorry for not giving credits, if you saw this and it’s yours, tell me and I’ll put your name up.


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