It’s 10.09am, I’m feeling both fresh and tired at …

In General - Old Posts on May 7, 2007 at 2:07 am

It’s 10.09am, I’m feeling both fresh and tired at the same time, this shows how 2-3 extra hours of sleep can change your mood so drastically. I used to wake up at 6.45, made me feel like hell, your brain’s dead, your hands without control and worse thing is, you have to go to school in this state. But today, waking up at 9 makes me feel so fresh, with a can of Marks and Spencer’s sardine, it felt almost like a perfect morning, until I had diarrhea immediately after breakfast, makes me wonder if the new shipment of the sardines is worth it.

Now, I am wondering if I should go back to my old school to collect the O level certificate. Well, that’s the purpose of waking up so early in the morning but I’m having second thoughts as I don’t want to meet the people in school, the retarded mini-bengs( teens trying to act like gangsters[which are really disgusting]), act-cools(dyed hair, alien hairstyle and attention-seeking-but-ugly spectacles), and those worthless basketball players that think they can have a good future playing basketball forever.

Seems like a perfect combination in a neighborhood school, makes me feel so ashamed to be in that school. Nevertheless, thank god I am not born in their year of birth, I wonder how much influence I will receive from them. Even in my batch, I had lots of these kind of losers, more of the act-cool type though. Luckily my parent’s teaching had made their influence immune, I’d rather die than carry on a useless life, where acting cool and trying to look good makes up 50% of their life, 25% to attract others, 20% to feel good, 4% to cherish what they got and 1% to live life like a normal human being. Sad for them but that’s their choice.

Lionel told me that this collection is very short-lived, it lasts only 2-3 mins. Travel all the way from Kovan MRT to Bishan MRT, take a bus to school, collect the cert, and vice versa. It’s one of the stupidest decision I had to make. Most of my friends from polytechnic said they do not have to collect it even, maybe they got it on the day of release or they will be mailed to them. So much of a First Choice School(which they aimed and pretended to be). But I still love the teachers there.

More posts tonight! Cya!


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