I’m back from a break, I did indeed had a very bus…

In General - Old Posts on March 29, 2007 at 1:26 pm

I’m back from a break, I did indeed had a very busy time. I’ll recap on what I did these few days.

March 26th 2007

I had to make my SP Student Card on Monday. My father brought me to Trend Micro to collect my notebook, it was a long wait but it’s worth it. It was one of the happiest moment of my life the instant I unpacked the notebook, A complete beauty, a computer packed with superb processing power. The HP Pavilion Dv9202tx. I’ll elaborate it more on another post.

After collection, my father brought me to SP, the journey was great. We got there via an expressway(forgot the name already). We passed by the Singapore Flyer, what a beautiful sight, it was under construction still, will be ready in 2008. After 10 minutes or so, I reached SP. I made my way to the classroom. It was quite a seamless procedure, take a ticket number, wait for 5 minutes, take a photo, wait for another 2 minutes and voila! A new student card is born! The whole procedure takes less than 10 minutes. It was followed by the student club intro thing. We had to proceed to different rooms with different themes. The first I remembered was the Student Union, followed by the Business club, after that was the Debate club, Sports club and lastly, the errr…Cultural club. All of the members are nice and friendly, but I’m spoilt for choice. However, I had already decided to join Badminton for CCA even before I chose my courses, So I chose the sports club, I wonder if I made the right choice. I took 74 home after that, convenient!

March 27th 2007

On Tuesday, I had to make my way to SP, again, but on my own. I did received a little help from my father, he dropped me at Bishan MRT station. That saved me 5 minutes. I boarded the train and waited for the train to reach Jurong East, it didn’t happen as quick as I expected. It took at least 30-45 minutes to reach Jurong East. The trains are uber crowded, so crowded that there was constant announcement about not boarding the crowded train, and another train will arrive in 2 minutes time. It indeed arrived in 2 minutes time, I went in and after a few minutes I was wondering how to exit the train, it was so crowded inside. Luckily, I managed to squeeze out. It was just a 3 minutes walk to SP, how convenient!

After getting into SP at 9.10am, I followed the Signs pasted on the walls to my destination. It was on the fourth storey, and at that time the only way to reach the fourth storey was to take the stairs, darn. And again, I followed the signs and I reached the IT room, I signed in and started working on my computer. I said goodbye to Vista . Never did I expect myself to bid goodbye to many of my notebook’s functionality!(Quickplay 3.0, Hp Battery Management etc). The drivers downloading was a chore, the only aspect of HP that sucked was Driver support, they didn’t provide any Driver CDs to install, only recovery disk to restore to Vista. I spent 2-3 hours figuring out drivers to install. But at the same time, I made a new friend, which uses another variant of my laptop, so we helped each other to figure out the different drivers that will work. I finished the whole process at around 4pm, which was a total of 8 hours. Pretty scary isn’t it? I can’t remember what I did the rest of the day.

March 28th 2007

Nothing much, played badminton with Benjamin Lye at the sports complex.

Today, March 29th 2007

Woke up early this morning as Benjamin called me to wake me up, we intended to go swimming and watch movie later on, but I messaged him and called him but to no avail. So I had other plans. I virtually played City Life for the whole day. This is so because it’s the last time I can play my computer(until 20th of April est.).

I’ll be moving this weekend, so it’ll be a busy weekend. Sadly, construction is not finished yet. I know this sounds weird, why move when the house is not even completed? This is so as the buyer of my apartment have to start work on the renovation on April 1, which is the decided date of the transfer of keys. At the same time, construction was still far from complete due to some complications. My family will be staying at a chalet for at least 5-6 days. It will be a different case for me however, I’m having an Orientation camp on Monday. I think it’ll be a 3 Days 2 Night camp. I’m feeling a little excited, I don’t know why, perhaps due to the new friends I’ll make during the camp. And it’ll be the official start of my Polytechnic life at SP. I still have to go back SP tomorrow for the briefing, damn.


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