I got into SINGAPORE POLY, yay? Perhaps yes, YAY!…

In General - Old Posts on March 6, 2007 at 11:26 am

I got into SINGAPORE POLY, yay?

Perhaps yes, YAY! So it was either Ngee Ann or Singapore Poly, the moment I got my O Levels results. This was quite a good news the moment I logged on to JAE-IS when Marcus waked me up abruptly while I was still salivating on my bed. He actually logged on to JAE-IS 8.00AM on the spot! I intended to follow suit but my body clock doesn’t really want to. The moment I logged into JAE-IS, I was holding my bladder, too excited and nervous at that moment, and guess what? My figgin LAGHUB(Starhub) was lagging like hell, to think a 12Mbps connection took so long to load a bloody login screen. I typed in my IC number and I was logged in, the first thing I saw was BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION, nothing happened, my excitement died off and I didn’t feel anything. I was expecting a jump for joy or the feeling of happiness, the extreme joy I experienced after getting my results, it didn’t happen. I just imagined myself standing at the entrance of Singapore Poly, shouting ” SINGAPORE POLY, HERE I COME!“. At that moment I prayed to hope that I don’t see any of the bitches and bastards from my previous class in SP, I pray.

Soon after that I went to to check out my new school website, to confirm that the use of notebooks is compulsory, it was. Not only that but the whole campus was like wtf? It’s filled with WiFi access points! This means 24/7 surfing of internet(hopefully the ISP ain’t starhub(LAGHUB), with no restrictions!

I had always viewed Polytechnic as an educational resort, where you can do anything you want, the freedom that you can’t find it anywhere, not in JCs, not in ITEs but in Polytechnics. Everything is provided, food courts, WiFi spots and most importantly, AIR-CON. But sadly the foodcourts there are not fully air-conditioned, only 1 out of 6 of the food courts if I remember correctly are air-conditioned. There’s KFC, Mcdonalds and I think 7-Eleven as well, everything under the sun. But I know, nothing to boast about, since all the Polytechics in Singapore are so well-equipped.I guess that’s all for now, cya!


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