It’s the end of Chinese New Year period for me, I …

In General - Old Posts on February 25, 2007 at 4:52 am

It’s the end of Chinese New Year period for me, I had a GREAT time with my family, cousins, uncles and aunties, one of the best periods of festive season for me. Yesterday was at Jason’s house, it’s as usual, eat dinner then play. It was different today, however. We started off in a small group, or rather, a PSP group. We sat by the huge swimming pool and played
Bomberman™. Was fun, until it got bored, we continue chatting until Joey called and ask for our co-ordinates. We went to the basketball court and screw around for a while. There was 2 freaks playing basketball, we don’t know what the hell are they trying to do, playing basketball with 2 persons, acting like freaking monkeys, it goes on for another few minutes and off they go, retards. After that we played hide-and-seek-that-feels-like-catching thingy, this caused the sling on Sarah’s bag to snap, leaving the connector flying to the world of nowhere. We helped her to search for it, at least for half an hour, but to no avail. Sad she was, sad we were :(. No choice, we went back below the house, by the small swimming pool to chat, it was fun. We chat about everything under the moon. After an hour later it was time to go home, ahh.. Another day gone like this, how fast time flies omg.

I’ll be going to Hong Kong tomorrow, for five days =0. The longest ever period out of my beloved Singapore. We’ll be there to shop till we drop for sure, since theres nothing else to do there. But, I am sure it’s going to be fun there, due to the cold weather the skyscrapers(although singapore’s one is better) and the noisiness there. When I come back, there are many things I will look forward to:

– Nvidia 8800GTX!
– Supreme Commander
– Polytechnic posting results
– 5 days earlier to new house!

That’s it for now, cya!

Bye Singapore!

(picture by babystan)

Hi Hongkong!

(picture by babystan)

– Gyver


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