After days of working, we finally finished the 70 …

In General - Old Posts on February 14, 2007 at 12:44 pm

After days of working, we finally finished the 70 extra computers. We are going at an average of 2 computers/hr today. It is not a very time efficient task to be honest. Transferring the computer to the table and plugging it up takes at least a minute. After that, we have to manually select the Image-boot up option, which takes at least 5 minutes to load. Following on is the Ghosting, which takes an average of at least 5 minutes as well, to make matter worse, the computer have to be Ghosted one-by-one as the server cannot take too much load. With 7 ports,it took us at least 35 minutes of our time to complete ghosting the computers. Installation of Windows 2000 was next, taking up 6 minutes and thereafter going on to the updates of the company software, which takes at least 30 minutes. 30minutes is bad enough, we still have to manually update the latest software due to server problems. The least efficient task we were told to do was to let it on for another half-hour to let the server host identify and verify the new computer. Overall, the total process time taken to build a computer is estimated to be around 1hr 46 minutes, a grueling process indeed.

Adding on, the IT Build Room is hell for almost anyone, tight space and the lack of chairs made this building process a very hard one. Although the conditions there were not very good, what makes me willing to continue working there is the staff.

There’s actually 2 staff working there as well, one is a kind and funny elderly man while another is a both funny and hardworking guy in his twenties(sadly he smokes). They gave us a reason to work there, working and having fun at the same time, which means a happy working experience. They taught me how to fix the errors that occurred during the installation of the images, additionally, they’ve shown me how fun work can be. When they are out working, they gave us access to the internet when our computer is busily installing. In a nutshell, they made hard work fun. Although I don’t really wish to go back there to work again, working with them will be great. And if I really didn’t go back to that workplace, I really wish them all the best and thank them for what they had taught me.

This is a illustration of how the elderly man look like
(i didn’t draw it, I saw it pasted on the wall) :

Other than that, I’ve learnt how tired you can be after one whole day of work. For the past 2 days I’ve experienced tiredness like never before. These two days I had skipped gaming,surfing the net. Instead, I watched TV for a few minutes and actually fall asleep quite early. I wonder if this will happen to me in the future, being tired and sleeping after reaching home and, something I hate might happen, Routine.

Being so tired already, I still want to blog more before I sleep, as I have many plans for the future, all within 2007. I’ll post what I plan to get within 2007, in order of preference and importance.

My number one Want! :

Nvidia 8800GTS or rather, the 8800GTX 768MB graphics card.

I’ve been dreaming of this card ever since I saw the trailer during the Mini Bf2142 tournament, where Nvidia aggressively advertise this card. It was love at first sight. The graphics were pure clarity, with no lag at all. Imagine playing Supreme Commander or Command and Conquer: Tiberium Wars on full graphics with full AA(anti-aliasing). It cost a bomb but this might be my reward for my O levels result.

Secondly, the Hp Pavilion Dv9200!:

The Hp Pavilion Dv9200. A laptop that caters to almost anyone, be it a businessman, a gamer or a normal user. It’s equipped with a 2.16 ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, also armed with 2GB DDR2 rams, not to forget, a Nvidia Go 7600 512 graphics card. Moreover, it weights only around 3kg, which is considered light with so much features on it. It costs around 3000-4000 bucks. It’s my first laptop for poly life, since Ngee Ann Poly made owning lappy compulsory. Owning this laptop will be more of a reality soon enough.

The third item I dream to own is :

The Playstation 3. The third generation console. It’s sort of a must for all gamers, with many PS-3 only games, it’s a console to die for. Crisp and realistic graphics are its forte, no one has ever seen such great graphics before. Additionally, it has a Blu-Ray player to boast about, with HDD storage and an internet browser, you can watch videos, play games, view pictures and listen music all in your hall. Coming with it are also the wireless controllers which provides the freedom of playing the PS3 without any irritating wires posing a threat to people walking past the tv, or rather, kills the wire rolling thing after having a quick game. This one will come at a price of around SGD$939++, which I calculated using the currency converter.

That would be my list for now, as time goes by, as technology continues to develop, more gadgets will appear on the list.

That will be all for now I guess. This is the longest post I’ve ever written this year, let’s hope I’ll write longer ones in the future. And yeah, congratulations to Marcus for owning his own PSP! Have Fun!


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