I’ll blog since I’m in such a good mood, Singapore…

In General - Old Posts on February 4, 2007 at 2:21 pm

I’ll blog since I’m in such a good mood, Singapore won the Asean Cup 2007!! That’s no surprise since the freaking Thai are such assholes. Feigning pain and spitting at our players over small matters. This match alone spoil the “average” reputation of Thailand as a tourist haven and The Land Of Thousand Smiles. The Land Of Thousand Smiles are indeed filled with long haired sore losers that resort to evil means just to get back at people, Sigh. Even their coaches are rebellious, accept the fact Thailand, you’re losers.

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On the other hand, Singapore scored a great victory. Although I had a scare during the first round after Thai scored a goal against us, I have confident that Singapore will make a comeback against those freaks. Our goal keeper repelled many goals due to weak defense but nevertheless, offense against the Thais were strong which resulted in the win. For such a young team, the Young Lions, I am sure Singapore will get into the World Cup.



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