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In General - Old Posts on January 12, 2007 at 1:16 pm

Hi everyone, HAPPY 2007! Yes I know, it’s kinda late for this, but at least I did a belated one! Anyway, LOTS of stuff had happened, both good and bad but more on the good side.

I’ll elaborate more on the good side, most importantly, I’ve got a new phone! It’s the much over-hyped N…..93!!! This phone was declared married into my family on 3/12/06. Till now, it had kept me satisfied but whether this phone will keep me satisfied in the future still remains to be seen.

2007, the year which my life will change dramatically…serious, d r a m a t i c a l l y. Firstly, a new lifestyle. The number of days being at home playing computer will be reduced significantly, I’ll be out trying to LOSE weight(yes, my weight did increase significantly as well -_-), practicing SHOPPING and reduce usage of those big t-shirts.

Well anyway, heard that O level results will be released, on Feb 08, wtf? Ain’t that too early? I guess all of us have to brace ourself and be mentally prepared for the BIG DAY. That’s all for today, will be more active in blogging, really. Cya!


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