Second day of the O’s. Maths Paper 1 and S.S are b…

In General - Old Posts on November 6, 2006 at 2:15 pm

Second day of the O’s. Maths Paper 1 and S.S are big loads off my shoulders, I can breath easier now at least. Fortunately the topics I studied for came out for S.S and source-based was suprisingly easy. What I worry is Maths Paper 1 which was kinda difficult, I made lots of careless mistakes, mistakes that hurts. So, I gotta pump in more time for Paper 2! Tomorrow’s chemistry and I’m 80% ready for it now, another 1-2 hours of revision I should be up and running! Anyway, O’s were not as intense as I had expected. It feels like the second prelims

Differences between Prelims and actual O Levels.
– invigilators are teachers from other schools instead of our own teachers.
– checking of the bloody ICs.
– more fans
– a bigger and fatter announcer
– cambridge logo on the scripts
– and finally, this time you got to paste stupid tags on your answer sheet.

This week is gonna be a strenuous one, to all my friends, all the best!


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