Got to talk to her for a little while today and I …

In General - Old Posts on September 27, 2006 at 3:13 pm

Got to talk to her for a little while today and I was happy but at the same time frustrated! Finally got the CHANCE to talk to her after gathering courage and got interupted by her best friend for like 2-3 times. After she went, I want to hit my head against the wall but I didn’t as I wonder how am I going to see her if I bled to death? Every single opportunity or chance to see her must be taken AT ALL COSTS! Gah, I know it’s kinda repetitive by blogging about her everyday but she’s SOOOO special to me that I’d die not mentioning her.

Okay, after school I went art. Art’s very tiring and I realised how bad an artist can I be. The more I procastinate my bloody painting the worse it got. To make my white building stand out,
I had to remove the white patch around it, and the biggest white patch was the face. SO, I painted it BROWN at first then charlene tan said it was too DARK. So I mixed and mixed, and mixed and finally I got beige! Painted the face, added a pair of eyes and eyebrowns and LIPS!

Looks ok from a distance.

The horrid part is when you ZOOM in..

Damn, it’s the ugliest shit I’ve ever painted.

Anyway, went all the way to Farest Plaza after that. And on the way back, I realised I need a new PHONE!! My phone doesn’t capture the details of every single car you see from the picture below.The backlights should be brighter than it was supposed to be and that’s the reason why I took the photo, all the backlights of the cars were lit all at the same time.

Two 162s filled with passengers went passed for the WHOLE 45 mins, and my 54 was yet to come. Feeling bored, took photos of The Ascott and Marriot hotel. The picture wasn’t that nice with the bloody bustop roof protruding into the picture. Unable to get into a better position as the bustop is filled with PEOPLE!

Finally my bus came and took the bus home.

After reaching home and a nice bath, I studied S.S for 15 mins and it got bored, real bored. So I look out my window and to my horror, my clouds got polluted by bloody HAZE!!You can see it from the super highrise HDB being so blurry and I know, MY 1.3 CAMERA sucked.

Bloody indonesians and philipinos, think of better way to clear forests rather than buring them, not sian meh? Burn here burn there and one day you’ll have nothing to burn but your own RUPIAHS and PESOS..


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