Was doing some "research" of the ranking of countr…

In General - Old Posts on September 24, 2006 at 8:27 am

Was doing some “research” of the ranking of countries in terms of economic growth, proverty, standard of living etc. Then I stumbled across a Malaysian website that boasts of their “phenomenal growth” and their so called slogan “MALAYSIAN BOLEH” means Malaysia Can Do It in english. The first thing that comes into my mind was WOW, malaysia not bad sia, still got own slogan and their people very confident sia..

However, as I continued surfing, a little poll came to my attention.

As a non-malaysian, I don’t know much about their development and how hardworking they were but from what I see from television and the trips to malaysia tells me that they’re declining instead of progressing. So I voted for NO!

To my surprise, majority of the voters think the same way as I did and wow, a hefty 88%!!

Let’s use this percentage to compare the whole population. According to, 88% of 24,486,942 Malaysians amounts to 21,548,508 people!! And if that amount of people thinks that way, I guess it’s bye bye Malaysia!!

Anyway,check this out! A live webcam of the process of the construction of the Singapore Flyer!

Refresh(F5) to see the update.


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