Friday, today marks the day of the end of the prel…

In General - Old Posts on September 22, 2006 at 1:14 pm

Friday, today marks the day of the end of the prelims, finally. Science MCQ was okay except for the Chemistry questions which minority of them I don’t understand. Compared answer with Zul and had a sigh of relief. After that, it’s HAPPY HOUR(S)!!

After the paper, all of us at the same time, had to answer nature’s call with zul having stomachache. Zul took like 15 minutes for excretion, bloody shitbag, lol. Well after that was something very hilarious indeed. Lionel’s gay friend, that always find him WITHOUT FAIL everyday found us when we’re sneaking away. Then, we realised that it is getting very irritating and we have to find a way to make him go home. We came out with a plan where Lionel will tell him that he’s going to his uncle house and zul will pretend like he’s going home while I and poh soo wait for him at TP. We thought it was fruitless when he followed us all the way from the school gates to the bustop itself. Zul, Poh soo and I was like deliberately slowing down while letting that gay and poor Lionel lead the way. That guy was quite skeptical when Lionel told him he’s going to his uncle house but he eventually believed him when Zul walked towards bishan park and fortunately, that gay met his friend(which we thought he was friendless). At first we thought Zul was really going home but when the bus that gay took drove off, he ran back to the bustop, Operation Success. I know this might sound kind of evil but trust me, he’ve irritated us since we started studying in school for the prelims.

After we rendezvous at the bus stop, we waited for the bust for a moment. We took 162 to the bus stop opposite of TP and from there we took 166 to United Square. The bus ride was a long and sleepy one, nothing much. We just chatted about what we want to do in the future and zul said he want to be a scientist? He wanted to be a scientist to invent cures for aids so that he can go fooling around without getting any risks, omg lol. After 30 mins or so, we reached our destination. Destination Novena, the place with towering condos up to 43 storeys tall!We were greeted by the newest condo at the area called Strata! Nice and sleek design.

We reached United Square after climbing an overhead bridge. To our suprise, most of the shops are not open yet as it is only 9.30am at that time. Zul’s popular was closed at that time, so, Lionel went for excretion while poh soo went to change into his rocker costume -_-. Zul and I proceeded to food junction and omg, my favourite CHICKEN CUTLET! But damn, after looking at the amount of oil and fats in it, it literally got thrown out of my mind. Speaking of fats and oil, I’ve recently developed oil-phobia and fats-phobia after finding my weight skyrocketing, damn. Going back to the topic, lionel sure took longer than zul, 20 mins yeah. We ate and ate until we realised that our Singapore Dreaming which was screening at 11.30am at cineleisure was drawing near, it was like 10.50 at that time. We we rushed to the taxi-stand and took a taxi to cineleisure.

We made our way to the cineplexes and to our surprise, Singapore Dreaming was at 7.15PM!!THANKS FOR YOUR INTEL POH SOO!! What a waste, it’s all right anyway as I’ll be watching it with my cousins tomorrow. So we brought Little Man at 11.10 instead as it’s the second best choice available. It’s NC-16 so we were quite reluctant at that moment as Lionel was 2 months away from 16, but he said the staff at the entrance dosen’t take the ID check so seriously and we brought it eventually. Got some twisties and we ran up to the entrance to be greeted by some dissapointing crap. We gave our IDs, it’all clear until they saw Lionel’s ez-link and said he was underaged. They told us to request for a change for tickets and the last option we took was Monster House(PG). I know it’s childish but it’s the ideal choice, let me tell you why. Horror movies are out as Zul, that big,tall freak would have NIGHTMARES after watching them, machoman indeed. Other nice movies are NC-16 which are off-limits to Lionel so PG movies are the only options for us, darn.

We changed the tickets and proceeded to the 6th storey to wait for the movie to start, to our suprise, it was sort of a stage for the singapore idol crap. Disgusting place with lots of vandalism, very nice vandalism indeed.

You guys might not be able to see the details of the picuture but it’s pretty funny if you look at what they wrote there.

Close-up of the Singaporean “Simon”

Yep,that disgusting Joakim Gosai or something..

Lastly,Singapore Idol SUCKS,yeah!

After having moments of fun mocking the bloody idols , we left that area as the bloody LCD keep repeating the singapore idol commerical over and over again, showing the last two losers singing and ending their performance with a retarded stance.

Singaporeans can work, study and excel BUT THEY CANNOT SING or PERFORM. This is so true, as you can see from singapore idol itself.

Soon after that we went to the 4th storey and waited for an hour. At 12.20 we proceeded to the cinema, sort of a preview lounge. When we went it, it’s empty and there was only 3 people in it excluding us. The movie was ok, the girl at the beginning was so bloody cute omg. The ending was quite meaningless, well, that’s what you expect from a show meant for kids.

We took an MRT to united square and brought our stuff. I saw lots of singapore-related books there and I love them, especially one about singapore’s arcitechture. Zul and Lionel bought some books and we proceeded to the taxi stand and took a taxi home. Exhausting day I must say but it’s enjoyable. Decided to have a nap for 30 mins but I woke up after 4 hours, bloody hell. Had EE-mian for dinner and It was bloody delicious and filling, I was so full that feel so sleepy now, gah. That’s all for the day, cya!


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