In General - Old Posts on September 21, 2006 at 2:21 pm

Yeah man, I breezed through thje POA MCQ paper, most of the questions I studied for or anticipated would appear, appeared indeed. I hope this would increase the chances of scoring an A1 for POA! After POA, I went to breakfast with darren, zul, poh soo and marcus who I don’t really know that well. We discussed about the mcq so excitedly until I forgot that I had to go for art. The prata house that serves pratas with overservings of OIL. It used to be yummy and crispy and at the same time low in oil. However, after their expansion, I guess they got complacent and started to increase their prices and maybe change of their recipe which is very sad.

Tomorrow’s the last day of prelims ,this gave me a sigh of relief, for now. Ya, I’ve been practicing MCQ non-stop but I just can’t score full marks for at least a topic. I know this sounds impossible but I have to score as much as I can as I don’t have much confidence to score for combined science especially chemistry. Everytime I get a question wrong I get so furious. Maybe I’ve developed an addiction for perfection during these few weeks, who knows? This might be a good thing as it will sort of give me motivation to study. Other than that, Lionel suggests we take a day off tomorrow to relax and let our steam off. So, we’ll go for lunch, have a nice chat, watch a movie and go shop for books! I think that’s basically what my group do, we love to shop for stupid things such as BOOKS and STATIONERY. Well, we’re semi-nerds(study hard,play hard type) after all.

Ahh, I see that that bastard’s flirting skill is ameliorating very quickly everyday. His obnoxious behaviour of his is getting on my nerves, I wonder how can he continue acting cute with his horrid smiles. One day, One day you’ll find that everyone wants to slice your big fat oily and flabby cheek of yours out, marinate it and served with dog shit.


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