Finally, almost all the strenuous subjects are ove…

In General - Old Posts on September 14, 2006 at 4:10 pm

Finally, almost all the strenuous subjects are over, for now. The only subject left for this week is Maths Paper 2 which I am more confident on since it approves the use of calculators, heh. Though calculators are allowed, questions which dosen’t require the aid of them are those that I fear most, like graphs. My final revision was going smoothly until I find out I don’t have graph paper for graph practice, how unlucky can I be ,DARN. May lady luck give me luck for tomorrow’s graph questions! For cloooooooouds!!!!

Day after day after day I’ve been a bloody nerd and it really had a toll on me. Feeling sleepy when I use the computer which I had not experienced before as it’s my favourite hobby . Moreover, I’m getting hungrier than before(this moment when I’m blogging),yes,getting HUNGRY , real hungry in the middle of the night . I can feel the acid reacting on my stomache damn it! Come to think about it, 9-10 hours more to breakfast. Poor stomache. However, no matter how hungry I am, my diet have to be limited and controlled due to Operation Keep fit as my weight is increasing due to my increased appetite due to unknown reasons.

This calls for a change of lifestyle, a bit of change 😛 Had a chat with Ben toh just now on msn and we’re really excited about Company Of Heroes(CoH) which we’re getting our hands on tomorrow. He suggests that we all take a break on saturday and have some fun with CoH, just a few hours of fun to be exact so as not to neglect our studies(and yes,MY ART PREPWORK!).Well I guess that’ll be part of what I’ll do for my weekend, with intense memorisation and practice of POA which is on tuesday.

That’s all,cya and as usual, May all of us pass the Prelims with flying colours!!


Seen anyone that resembles a donkey? Or rather, behaves or even sound like one? Stay away from him. To the Girls,BEWARE!!His rather low voice might sound like a girl just to make you think that you are actually, talking to a girl. This move of his had claimed many victims and at times the victims are totally unaware of it . His long and donkey-lish face results a larger skull which in turns allow more space for the storage of his ego, over-grown egos. This can be obviously seen by his flirtatious behaviour and the sense of attactiveness such as sitting beside girls every single lesson , mixing out with them AND pretending to act nice to them. Hence, this had him label as “Jie Mei(Sister in chinese)”. So, to those out there, beware of this “Donkey” as the closer you are to him, the higher risk you are to being “touched” by him, which sightings have reported by many students. To those who suspect one of your classmate or rather, your friend’s classmate might be him. Call:

1800-5455-3665437(KILL DONKIES) Hotline


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