How fast time flies, it was practical today. Kinda…

In General - Old Posts on September 12, 2006 at 4:02 pm

How fast time flies, it was practical today. Kinda stupid I feel, virtually no one got the correct answer I guess, my answer was Zinc as Solution X while some got calcium, magnisium or even lead . After it ended, we were instructed or rather forced to stay in the libarary until 1.30 and it was only 9.30 then, four hours, four hours of crap indeed. Zul, lionel and I sat at one of the first tables, Lionel studied a maths and Zul studied History while I studied Chemistry. I did absorb lots of information at first then, hell broke loose. About 20 mins into the 4 grueling 4 hours, the noise level started to escalate very qickly, everyone around us seem to be studying as there are lots of books and notes on their table but unfortunately, those were just for show . Soon, we were trapped in an evironment no different from a wet markert, with air-condition fortunately. Chattering, gossiping and disgusting laughters(you know who =X) hindered our attempts to study . Though it was hard, we managed to focus for another 2 and a half hours and finally broke down . Those from second shift eventually made the situation worse , playing games. My group and I were thinking, why is this happening in the middle of the prelim period? Shouldn’t all of them study seriously and keep their volume down? Even if they want to fail their prelims or rather, O levels , they shouldn’t affect the others like how they affected us. It was a rather shocking experience but we shouldn’t be affected by them, instead , take advantage of it 😛

And yeah, it’s time to continue geography now , cya!


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