In General - Old Posts on August 31, 2006 at 1:06 pm

Haven’t have much time to post,so I’ll just take advantage of the little time I have right now.

Nothing much recently,but something I saw with my own eyes drove me nuts,and had me wondering.I see girls crying on TV,yes,on the television.You guys might think they’re so pathetic,it’s like something bad happened,who knows?

Their relatives passed away?Or they failed O levels badly?None of the above.

They cried just because their so called “idols” didn’t manage to get enough votes to proceed to the next stage of SINGAPORE IDOL!!Well,if you ask me,it’s the worst thing I’ve ever seen on tv,it’s something that give you the sense of embarrassment.I do love singapore but the only thing I hate about it is Singapore Idol™,the bitches that weeps like as if their parents passed away or something when their incompetent idols failed to get into the next stage.I imagine foreign viewers smacking their forehead and thinking “What the fuck are they crying about?”. There’s one burning question in my mind,will their idol’s loss cause them their life?their family?their friends?Don’t think so..The only thing they should rightfully weep for is the 1-2 hour they had wasted watching it,or the many hours they had wasted making those low quality posters just to support their “idols”.And I shall weep for the amount of trees that are cut down just to make your big and disgusting posters.

Save the trees,and for your own sake,save your time for something more worthwhile.Save the image of Singapore.


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