In General - Old Posts on August 18, 2006 at 12:31 pm

Maths,chem then art.

Routine,I hate this word.We do things over and over again but for what reason?I need some kind of variety,sigh.Tiring days,never experienced such tiredness before,so tired I can’t study or rather the mood to study at all.O levels,getting near but my brain have the mentality that it’s still a long long way to go.


Oh btw,to that anonymous person,what makes you say that?You got affected by her charm or something that made you support her?If that’s so,I pity you,I pity your taste.Most importantly,I pity you for being a coward,to be a loser that call someone son of a bitch and hide behind a wall.You think that’s untrue?Reveal yourself and fight for your right!Come on coward!!


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