My day started late today, I found out how stupid …

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My day started late today, I found out how stupid our sort of prefectorial board sucks so much,LOL!As usual,my dad fetched me to school today,but reached there abit late.I was in no rush to enter the gallery so I just walked up slowly.When the national anthem started,I just waited outside.The stupid thing is,when the whole morning assembly ended,when I walked it,I got a LATE SLIP!Oh shit,I was thinking,is this a one-hour detention for me?Lionel told me just throw the late slip away,since the prefect that gave it to me didn’t even take note of my name at all,a sigh of relive :).No late slip,I’m on time,heh.Typical routine,chemistry first.Mdm chia was like so funny every lesson.Ms charlene tan was absent today,so we just slacked.Some went to the library,I just remained in the art room and had a chat with GODZILLA and jannah,didn’t expect it to be so fun,lol.The sec 4s then made their way to the hall to collect their O level chinese results,I just stayed in the art room and figure out the Marsiling maths paper,so tricky.Had lunch with zul and the rest,then proceeded to J8 to meet mum.End of school day.

Upon reaching the mrt station and met babybro,what a coincidence,he then followed me to meet mum.I went to buy T3 magazine and one phone really amazed me,the LG U400,pretty cool and I will put up a review later.After mum arrived,we went to the bank as she wanted to deposit some money and after that,we went to foodcourt for lunch.As usual,I ate the chicken rice there,however,the superb taste of the chicken has subsided,it tasted like normal chicken rice :(.Anyway,went to another bank after that,and I got another new debit card,YAY!I can use ibanking now.Soon after that,we went to a restaurant to eat HALF-BOILED EGGS,my favourite,and kaya toast if i remember correctly.One of the best dinner I ever had this month.We then went home after that.Saw Seri at the bus interchange,and she waved at my mum like she know her,LOL!So funny,what a fun day it is.

Anyway,here’s the phone’s review..

Introduction / Preview

Looks fantastic, feels fantastic, sounds fantastic

  • Boasting a stunning black and silver finish, a smooth sliding action and luxurious to the touch, the LG U400 is something you won’t want to let go of.
  • The LG U400 also features a Jog Wheel that lets you navigate through the handset with speed and ease as well as operate one of the handset’s coolest features, the DJ-ing mode.

    Bluetooth music wirelessly

  • Bluetooth technology allows wireless communication between compatible devices. Talk handsfree with a Bluetooth headset or exchange files with another Bluetooth compatible device.
  • Stream stereo music via Bluetooth to other compatible Bluetooth stereo devices for a truly wire-free music experience!

    Hey DJ, make and scratch your tunes!

  • Use the Jog Wheel and keypad to scratch your tunes! Yes that’s right, listen to your favourite tune and move the Jog Wheel to start scratching or press a number on the keypad to play a cool sample. Now you too can become a DJ!
  • Featuring exclusive content from DMC, THE founding company of DJ culture, hear the pro’s in action everytime you receive a call.
  • Use the Melody Composer to make your own music. With 2 modes, 31 styles, 10 instruments and 5 tempo’s to choose from, there’s plenty for you to use to create your own musical masterpiece. When you’ve finished you can even use your creations as ringtones!

    Dual cameras

  • 2 megapixel camera with flash will ensure that your photos and videos will look great. With this high resolution camera you can take photos up to a highly detailed 1600x 1200 in size!
  • The VGA camera is ideal for when video calling your friends and family and taking photos or video of yourself.
  • Digital zoom.
  • Multi-shot mode.
  • Take and send photo or video messages to friends and family (compatible phone required).
  • Store photos and videos in the U400’s photo album, video gallery or MicroSD memory card.

    Multimedia player

  • The U400 has a built in music player so you can always listen to music wherever you go. Boasting features found on conventional music players and coupled with the ability to download tunes from 3 and store even more songs using the MicroSD memory card slot the U400 will ensure that all your music desires are satisfied!. Don’t forget, you can even scratch your own music with the U400’s DJ-ing capabilities.
  • Stream music in stereo via Bluetooth to other compatible Bluetooth devices. With a pair of Bluetooth stereo headphones you can listen to music wirelessly!
  • The handset supports MP3, AAC, AAC+ and WMA file formats.
  • Use MP3, AAC files and music used created using the Melody Composer as ringtones. Also supports polyphonic ringtones.
  • The U400 records and plays video too so you can record and watch MPEG4 videos on your phone wherever you are. Also supports WMV files.
  • Gone are the days of only watching short video clips as the MicroSD memory card slot will ensure you can watch more than ever before.
  • Supporting both Audio On Demand and Video On Demand, have music and video reports streamed straight to your phone (network dependent).
  • Play Flash Lite files on the U400. Play cool Flash Lite games, presentations, graphics and more, anywhere you go!

    MicroSD memory card slot

  • Don’t be limited with just the phone’s internal memory, with the U400’s MicroSD memory card slot you can store more music, videos and photos than ever before!
  • Connect the U400 to your PC and you can drag and drop files directly to the external memory card slot without the need for software!

    See everything

  • A large, 2 inch, 320 x 240 pixel high resolution TFT, 262,000 colour screen displays everything from photos to music videos and goal highlights in crystal clear quality. It lets you get the bigger picture.
  • Use the screen as a viewfinder for the digital cameras.
  • Supports Photo ID and Video ID so you can see a photo or a video of the contact instantly when they call meaning you’ll know exactly who’s calling you. A fantastic way to truly personalise your phonebook!
  • Personalise the screen with photos, pictures and animations!

    Video Telephony

  • Let Video Telephony bring your friends and family that little bit closer. The U400 lets you see yourself and the person you’re talking to, in real time, on its fantastic 262,000 colour screen (compatible phone required).


  • Take the U400 wherever you go as it will work in the majority of Europe and the US (dependent on network operator).

    Embedded Java technology

  • Java allows you to play the latest and exciting games as well as use many handy applications on your phone. You are not limited to the software that came preloaded with the phone either, with Java the possibilities are endless!
  • Play Flash Lite files on the U400.
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