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Business and Financial Centre (BFC)

In line with Singapore ‘s goal to become a global business and financial hub, the BFC is slated for the development of state-of-the-art offices with purpose-built features to cater to the specific needs of business and financial tenants.

Sixty percent of the gross floor area (GFA) of this 3.55 ha development will be set aside for office use, while the remaining 40% GFA will be for complementary uses such as residential and recreation/entertainment facilities.

A flexible approach has been adopted to allow for the phased development of the site, with 244,000 sqm of GFA to be developed under the first phase (to be completed in 2009 – 2010). The total GFA will be 438,000sqm.

The tender for the BFC site broke local property records when it was awarded to the BFC consortium (comprising Keppel Land , HongKong Land and Cheung Kong Holdings) for $4,101 per sqm of GFA. The architects for the project are Kohn Pederson Fox Associates PC ( New York , USA ) and DCA Architects ( Singapore ).


Can’t wait for the BFC to be completed,Singapore’s skyline will then be extended!!To the left!2009 will be an exciting year with the Marina Bay Sands and The Sail being completed as well.Normal routined day,art dominating the time in school.Went kfc for lunch after that,then went around to find stuff,liu chang brought a pair of FAKE eyelids,LOL!Anyway,came back and chat with wai zhan for a while,quite a nice chat.It was fun when it lasted,until he went to own in CS again.After that,I went to do some maths for awhile,after a few questions,I feel very stressed up for no reason,wierd.So I just took a break and listen to some songs,till now.That’s all,gotta go,cya.


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