Life is?

In General - Old Posts on June 5, 2006 at 11:49 am

Life have been so nice,so fine until one little bastard comes out.Poh Sai.Thousands of times I had requested,don’t talk to me,don’t call me,don’t follow me and most importantly,don’t come my blog at all.About the “anonmous” thingy,why the hell will the others tell me to “think of yourself before you say others”,while Poh Sai is the only one I’m hating all the time?For god’s sake,USE YOUR BLOODY BRAIN,god gave it to you for a reason.Don’t try to confuse me with your stupid “anonmous” post.Want to insult me?Insult in front of my face,don’t need to do it so retardedly and childishly.Speaking of which,you ARE a coward.First time I saw a full grown “boy” cry,in the toilet LOL!Why the hell do you want to act tough in front of so many people?Scold ahbeng words infront of those people,but in the end CRIED in the toilet.I tell you,this made me hate you even more,this shows me you don’t have one bit of respect.You even caused Daren to have a quarrel with others,while you stand one side and smile like a fucktard.Even if you feel good for the moment,you will never NEVER grow up to become a full grown man,never.For the LAST time,read this shit and get out of my life.Don’t tag at my blog with this f and anonmous shit.Honestly,I feel disgraced to have helped you in the past,but now,I feel disgusted to be in the same class like yours.No doubt,you might wonder,I feel embarrassed to be seen with you,with the others.

Without your existence,my life would be almost perfect.

But not perfect without her =(


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