In General - Old Posts on May 21, 2006 at 2:41 pm

Today,I planned to wake up at 9,as I thought I meeting liu chang they all at 10.but luckily I woke up at 8.30,mum woke me up,then I check the message again,ITS 9 SHIT!I quickly got ready,brush,wash up and change.This goes on until 9.50,then I chiong out of my house.When I reached the bustop,it’s already 9.55,then I thought “Shit,cannot keep girls waiting!”,then I quickly took a taxi to AMK mrt.

BUT,after i took a taxi there,guess what?They decided to take 162 to orcahard :),and this means,it goes through the bustop I took the taxi from..LOL.3.40 gone for nothing,but nvm,take it as having breakfast :P.

In the bus,all sian sian at first,then later start to heat up liao,siew huay talk talk so much,they brought for me presents,siew huay brought for me,err,a cushion for your hands while you use the keyboard,yes.While liu chang brought for me a puma pencilbox,shiny!!Let’s hope I can squeeze all my calculator and hole puncher into that!:X

After we reach our destination,they went to The hereen?or Heeren,whatever it is called.They went there just for the toilet.Then we proceeded to cineleisure,went to LONG JOHN SILVER,YESS!But a dissapointing problem awaits,no combo three until 11 =(,at that time,it’s only 9.45…oh well.We went to KFC,no choice,that’s the only place with good food and with good value 🙂

After breakfast,that is…(KFC FOR BREAKFAST?GG),off to KBOX!At first I did’nt know what’s the hype of KBOX,but after going to kbox with them,omg,they sure LOVE to sing.They can keep singing for like 3-4 hours NON-STOP.Indeed,SINGAPORE-IDOLS-TO-BEs.Actually liu chang sings like a superstar,compared to SIEW huay,that sings like..oh nvm,she sings well as well :(.Anyway,I just sung a few english songs,but singing definately ain’t something I’m good at.

After KBOX,we walked all the way from cine to marina square via citylink,that stupid siew huay keep asking for a treat of ice-cream.Suprisingly,marina sqaure has LOTS of ice-cream shops,they siew huay keep ICE CREAM ICE CREAM away.We walked the SHEARS bridge and took LOTS of photos,Singapore is such a great city.Actually,I went there for the sake of taking photos for art,for charline tan,lol..But 70% of it are for my own intrest :)After taking photos,both of them are so exhausted,then we walked all the way back to marina square to have dinner.

Had lemon chicken for dinner,and its SOUR indeed,the most sour chicken I ever tasted,actually,the only LEMON CHICKEN that tasted like lemon in my whole life.Liu chang ate dunno what ban mian,wierd name.Siew huay no taste,eat at home.After that,when we walk all the way back to the bustop,via citylink,something happened 😦

We saw an ice-cream “restaurant”,so err,I ching chai treat them ice cream,I saw for 2 dollars each.We found a seat,settled down,relaxed for a moment,then siew huay took my whole wallet to buy some icecream 🙂
Oh well,she’s my “good” friend after all,surely I can trust her with my wallet MOMENTS LATER,she came back,looking quite shocked,then she showed me the recipt….Total:$11.70..WOW?!11.70??Should’nt It be 6 bucks?!This is what happened,siew huay told the counter the favour she wants and they assume its the Single Scoop Cup(i think) which costs 3.90 each,dumbasses..Oh well,it’s over already.Siew huay I don’t blame you..I just blame myself for trusting the wrong person LOL..Jk lah,I still trust you of course.

After that,then went home liao..That’s all for the day,indeed a fun day.Thanks liu chang and siew huay for celebrating birthday with me!My hand hurts already,see ya….


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