Life is?

In General - Old Posts on May 19, 2006 at 2:44 pm

Post-exams are so fun,a period of chatting and having fun.Mother tongue,no teacher.Art,got teacher but very friendly one hor?Charline?LOL..Chat with liu chang and siew huay until so fun,art don’t even need to do 🙂

After school,stay in school awhile and wait for that mun dunno what,for like an hour.Slept for an hour as well,then chiong home for tuition,actually want to eat lunch one sia.Then during the whole tuition I was like sleeping away,then teacher say its no use teaching and she went home…YAY!GGed..

After that,played computer for awhile,bathed then went off to eagle’s clinic.I reached there too early,then waited for half-an-hour.After that,got the medicine,then reach home and rest 🙂

Sigh,poh soo,childish little bugger,I won’t want to start a “Blog War” with you lah,childish noob,all you know what to say are all those?That’s weak 🙂 bye


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