Life is?

In General - Old Posts on May 16, 2006 at 12:37 pm

4 Passes 0 fail
4 Borderline passes 0 Passes with flying colours
4 Borderline passes with last minute studies 0 Passes with consistent studying

Sigh,my SA 1 results..
Science:Bio:69 Chem:57 Combined:63%
Humanities:Geog:66 SS:54 Combined:60%
Maths:Paper1:48.75 Paper2:55(if i remember correctly) Combined:51.8%
POA:MCQ:43.3Paper 2:58.5 Combined:54

I COULD HAVE DONE BETTER!!My geography especially,I missed out so many things,and my BIO!!!5-10 marks gone just because of spelling mistakes.Darn,no more gaming please and especially going out with friends.I hope I will just give up using the computer,and just study 24/7,even if I would to fall sick,I MUST PASS O LEVELS WITH FLYING COLOURS.After school today,went bowling.Definately not a fun one,maybe it’s due to the stress and triedness after getting the results but most likely,irritation.Won’t bother to elaborate much,obviously the most hated person would be poh soo,like a bloody leech that will stuck to you,unless you HIT him HARD,scold him LOTS,he won’t go.

If you are reading this,let me tell you.I hate you,I don’t like you.You know it,and so,please get out of my life,talk to lionel,zul or whoever you deem fit,but please,DON’T TALK TO ME.That will be the greatest favour you’ll doing for me.



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