Life is tired?

In General - Old Posts on January 16, 2006 at 12:47 pm

Life is?

Yesterday was a fun day,indeed.

Our co-form teeacher brought us to Little india for dunno what pongol festival,they thank the sun and cow for helping them to harvest or something.Me,darren,tanglin,miaoxin,liu chang,siew huay and other class people went.Firstly we went to see the cows,in a cow-dung-smell atmosphere.Take photo liao,then they prepare for the ceremony,boil dunno what.We sat on the floor,they started preparing the stuff.When it started,the drums are bloodly loud,the smoke choking our lungs,then the girls go toilet,leaving me and darren having the sound and the smell deafening and choking us -_-.The ceremony lasts for like 30-45 mins,gg lah,they boil boil boil dunno what,then suddenly some indian girls stand up,so do we.Go out liao,the girls brought some ring stuff,shake shake shake got sound one wtf?After that we went to some kind of wierd two-storey restaurant and ate some wierd food.Pasta kinda stuff,that had to be eaten by hand.Tasted sour to me so I gave up,tanglin said it was extremely hot,then drank 3 cups of water,omg gg.After “eating”,we made our way back to the ceremony,and this time it’s feeding the cows.It was too crowded so I didn’t really catch what they are doing,sad it is.Ended it has!!!Finally,then the others got into the bus,back to school,while we made our way to bugis.It was a long walk,via the sunny sidewalks,via simlim square,via the bloody Bugis roadshops or something.

Finally when we reached bugis,bye miaoxin,bye liuchang,dunno why they wanted to go home so early.Me tanglin and siewhuay went into bugis to shop,but they say they rushing,at that time it was 4.45,they intended to stay until 5.15.After we went in,they went to see girls stuff,like lip stick or something,omg,it’s like the first time tanglin’s shopping,she take the nail polish and use on her hand,then the assistant come and sort of “assist”,then they ran away.GG,after that siew huay went to shop for the future -_-,shop for kettles,cups,spoons etc.I mean wtf?What are we shopping for these kind of things for?!Tanglin super bloody funny lah,siew huay take stuff then she comment,super fun time =0,it was fun when it lasted.We went to see shoes,see clothes then went KFC buy drinks.Then took MRT.The MRT ride was bloody funny as well,got baby come then tanglin always play with it =–____-,gahaha.When i reach home,I was extremely tired,but still got POA to do,waiting for tanglin to teach me -_-,call her liao she watching tuxedo,then have to wait until 9.30 then can call,do halfway,it’s already 10.30.Which passed my sleeping time of 10.00 -_-,so I packed up,and slept.Day one ended just like this,but was fun,indeed.

Today,woke up bloooooooooooody tired,took a bath and then went to school with red eyes and tired brains.It was monday,and it’s assembly –_–,bloody presentation.Takes like 1 and a half hours or less,after that still got pongol thingy.Had stomacheache,so I went to toilet to let go hehehehe,let go halfway,a group of peeps went in,talk so long.I want to get out also cannot,so I waited,and recognised the voice,garrick and jiphe’s voice.So i came out and saw them plus the others chatting inside to pass time -_-.After that lessons as usual,then went home to customize my reformatted computer,damn nice =0,will post it up 5.45 got tuition sian,was trying my best to stay awake sia,tuition finish i went to have a bath.Come out do SS cannot tahan liao,type entry then its time to sleep bye


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