Life is?

In General - Old Posts on September 21, 2005 at 2:09 pm

Life is?

Nothing special in school today,just got assembly programme after school.Something stupid happened..

When we were at the cabin,when lionel and gang arrives,i followed christie to welcome them.I wanted to kick christie,then my shoe come out and fly to the roof —-_—–.We had to climb to take it,poh soo stood on zul and try to take it.First attempt failed,then later the stupid teacher come out and say dont attempt to climb up the roof in case the whole roof collaspe,if we attempt to take it ourselve we will be punished.Heck her retarded words!2nd attempt,christfag climbed on zul and took it down.Finally!Then later he wanted to renact my flying shoe scene,his shoe flew out of school ROFLMAO!!!!Then he took it back thru the fence.

As its raining,we went to the foyer to do our acting,very fun indeed.But when we are going home,it seems that my view for those digusting,retarded,useless gangsters is proven right.We went to 7-eleven basketball court to have some fun playing basketball,who knows,after our joy started to form.We heard an uncle from the 9th storey of the tall flat next to the basketball court shout “Boy ah!Someone took your bag!”.We found out that ben quek’s bag is missing,we went all around looking for it.Ben quek called lionel and was told that his back was back in the basketball court,he was pranked.Making our way back to the basketball court was 3 assholes sitting at the side,as I walk pass them,they deliberately cough like those lung-cancer patients,I knew something bad happened.Indeed,what we saw was benjamin’s bag opened on the floor,soaked with water,water from his water bottle.His calulator was broken and everything looked like junk.

We believed his bag was thrown down from quite high,those shitty assholes were the culprits.Benjamin cried,we went back to school to report this trouble-for-nothing case.After that we went home.That’s all,now I’m wondering why these people will do such a lame thing.Is bullying people fun?Is wasting other people time for nothing so satisfying?F**k you/you all whoever does this to benjamin.


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