Life is?

In General - Old Posts on September 17, 2005 at 4:00 pm

Life is?


Started in school,look off with ben toh and gang.It was indeed a long bus ride all the way to funan.We started asking for donations,we went all the way to funan as we thought ang mohs can donate more money,WE WERE WRONG.They were mostly selfish,whenever we asked,they will either ignore us or avoid us.In the end,me and Ben lye decided to walk all the way back to school from FUNAN -_-.We tried to follow the bustops but we walked one big round and went back to funan,ahhh.We took a cab to far east plaza and intend to walk back from there,as its easier.Yes it is,we took a very short break at far east,we started making our way to our next stop,novena.A long walk,at the newton intersection we had to climb an over-head bridge and walk here and there.Finally we saw Novena Square!Happy we are,we walked across the road and saw siew huay and miao xin,at first we thought we had quite alot of donations,we were wrong once again.Theirs were like 10 times heavier than ours,omg?We suck =X.Made our way down novena square saw li min,as usual so much money omgomg.We gave up,we walked another round and we went to KFC.Then tanglin and limin inside,then we sat down and waited for others to come.All come liao,we took 162 back to school and met ben toh and gang,=0.

Back to school,we submitted our donation craps and then go for lunch,we walked thru the bishan park path and it was a long walk,took 88 to toapayoh.They went to buy uniform,then went to kfc to eat.Ben lye ate as fast as he could,then we talk talk talk until 5 plus.We made our way back.Then later,I went to marcus house,omg it was bored season,there was actually nothing to do there at all.I loooked forward to going home as soon as possible,we went back at 11.Thats all


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