Life is?

In General - Old Posts on August 14, 2005 at 3:17 pm

Life is?

God gave us cousins,we played,we grew together,we had fun.But that’s just the past,now,we have grown up,cousins are starting to be like friends,friends that are hated.How stupid can this get,slowly they let us find out their true colours,their real personality,their hatred for you.I’ve just revealed one yesterday,which called me rude when I stuck tissue paper to my nose as i had running nose,compared to letting my running nose run and let my mucus to roll onto you,which one would be worse?Think,retard,stop being proud and arrogant.Today,was actually worse,we had high spirits meeting in a place,playing Risk.We started happy,as it progress towards the end,I was attacking someone’s land so rapidly,and was deemed cheating.What’s this,getting pissed just over a board game?What’s wrong with helping me to move my troops,you lazy fag.Cousins,seems like its not a proper word to use anymore =(.Cya


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