Life is?

In General - Old Posts on July 1, 2005 at 2:11 pm

Life is?

Woke up at 6 o’clock,brush,wash.Sleep haahha,sleep until 7.00,went to meet ben lye.I would have gone earlier if I did meet him earlier everyday.He’s late as usual,i reach there at 7.10,he arrived at 7.15.I reached early,don’t want to be late again,i’ve been late for two times,if i got another time,DOOMED -_-.And i’ve got a 10 cent bet with siew huay anyway.410 came,i saw christie inside,but sad as usual,it was full.Waited for another 2 mins,we decided to take taxi,trust me,there was 1 hired taxi out of 30 cars passing by.We saw bus 162,we ran back to the bustop,it was so full,luckily,there was two more slots :P.Took the bus,i was worried that i will be late,luckily my handphone’s time was fast for about 5 mins.On the way there,siew huay appear,i was late for 1 second?Then we walk all the way to hall,gheyness,have to sit all the way in front again.Omg ms wong,what’s so wrong about sitting at the back,but today,it was lucky.There was no space in front,i got to sit at the back =).Today was the day that i can peacefully sit in the hall without sweating.Watch stupid youth day celebrations for 2 hours omg,backside was pain,bladder was full -_-.After dismissal,rushed to toilet,ahhh….

Went art,same stuff,draw can,draw can until sian.During recess,talk talk talk,until recess ended.Do art until school end.After that,went out with friends,very dumb outing i must say,might as well go eat mcdonals with siew huay they all -_-.Consist of poh soo first,no money still want to come with us go watch movie,in the end,wasted 20 mins deciding whether to watch or not.But war of the world rocked,as cool as it sounds,its a creative movie.It’s a must watch.After that,went home in a 45 mins bus ride.Thats all,cya byee


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