Life is?

In General - Old Posts on May 28, 2005 at 3:17 am

Life is?

Yesterday was meet the parents session,I told my mum to wake me up at 10,but i still woke up at 6.I guess i am used to waking up at 6,but i still slept =P.I slept for another 2 and a half hours and woke up at around 8.30+,i tought it was 10 plus already,wtf?I just woke up,wash face and brush,Guildwars time!!Hahaahh,finally i leveled up again,i alt-tab to see who’s online,then i saw one zhudong(online).LOL!Finally he’s online,as his internet connection was hacked by a phantom,he asked me to play bf1942,but sad to say that mine’s uninstalled already sian.,computer got reformatted,my comp is being unstable now,that time play gw until it restarted by its own.Anyways,i went school with my mum,and reach there about 12.10,she was complaining that why we have to walk such a long way to my block,still have to walk up 4 storeys of stairs,i told her we’re used to hell in bps already =X.We sat on the chairs outside the classroom,then later ben toh and siew huay came,talk and talk liao,ask them about their postitions,omg ben toh got 5th sia,siew huay got 8 -.-,omg they are so pro..Siew huay went to another side and ben toh talked to my mum.My mother ask me to see how smart ben toh is to get 5th,must follow him -_-,i’ll try,but not in mdm chia’s hand,the more she remains,the more i’ll fail in the face of her disgusting attitude.Alright,after that,it’s my turn,my mum went in and it started,i was thinking “Doom’s Day” =X.

However,it’s a blessing in disguse,ms wong only say those good things,but I don’t think i’ve done any bad thing as well..=P.Full of praises,she included my great jump of poa results,i used to get 0 for my poa tests,and darren kept looking down on me =(,now,i’ve beaten him muahaha,he’ve got nothing to say.Again,more of the good things,bidded farewell after ms quak came in.I called wai zhan after that,he say he’ll be there at 1,it was around 12.35 at that time,i told him to rush as i have to go back around 3-4 plus,he say alright.While waiting,my mum went home,as i follow her to the exit,saw siew huay they all again,then we talk,while waiting for wai zhan.Omg she can make funny faces sia,laugh until like mad omg.Then justin was there too,he keep “flirting” me and yi hao,but that’s okay,he’s alot better than that ghey jun yi a.k.a “Jie Mei”.As i call him jie mei,he sort of ordered his other jie meis to hate me too,that’s christie’s stead omg,he is,or rather she is using his weapon against me,but..ask me if i cared,i dont care a single bit if she hates me or not,she’s nothing to me to feel hated.15 to 20 mins passed,then they had to go take lunch,leaving me alone here,i went to canteen to wait for wai zhan,i waited for another 1 HOUR,gheyyyy,always late -.-,after an hour,i called him,he say he’s with his mother on fourth floor,omg.Stairs walking time,thats one of the major things i hate about bps.Go up liao wai zhan is there with his mum,and rosanne is there too,her mum so suspecious,i talk to her then she look at her 0_o.Again,siew huay is ther LOL!This time she’s giving feedback forms to the parents,poor thingness,she had to walk up and down,well that’s the life of a student leader thingy.I tell her key kian(act smart),why say yes when you can say no when they ask you to join this concil thingy =P.Stop and talk while no “Targets” appear,and her pen’s spoilt,so sad =(.Wai zhan got 38 in class i think,omg,they have to study hard liao la,same as christie,heard he got almost last too.Sad for them,THEY REALLY HAVE TO BE SERIOUS already!!Not much time left,if not they will surely fail their o’s.We waited for him for ANOTHER half hour,then they arrived,siew huay go home liao,we stay here talk again,wai zhan told me his leg bone’s made of metal -_-,but it seems real it was fake.So freakin hard,i’d thought it’s true if he didnt tell the truth -.-.Alright,christie’s here,he gave the report book to teacher and off we go.First,we went to 7 11 to get some food,i brought that sour thingy sweet it was so nice,we shared among ourself.We took bus to prata house there and went to that 7 11 first,they are finding the dyes to dye their hair.No avail,they went to guardian to buy,they spend 10 mins deciding which one to buy.I don’t really support them,dying hair very nice meh?Look like those disgusting gangsters but,they’re my friends,they at least don’t behave like them.After buying,we went to the nearby low-class restarunant to eat,i was reluctant as first to seet the disgusting conditions and the food that i hated the most.I ate porridge,no choice,the first spoon was okay,but it detoriate every spoon i took,the shitty ginger taste was getting superior every spoon,in the end,i gave up -_-.We walked to wai zhan house after that,it was like a maze,left right,right left.His house was shitty on the outside,nice in the inside.He’s lucky to have a whole room to himself,while i have to share with my brother,sian -_-.His tv as the size of my lcd monitor lol,at first we play tekken 5 which they feel it’s nice while i don’t feel that way.Getting sian,we change to GTA:San Andreas..OMFG IT ROCKZORR SO nice,got bicycle sia,so fun.I can’t wait for PC version as it’s release around july+,i can’t get the ps2 version as it’s too expensive,my ps2 ain’t modified,that means every game i wanna own,i’ve to pay 100+ for it.While i’m playing it,they go dye hair lol.And i can tell you that the process is shitty,it stinked like mad.But their output is considered nice,their hair is so golden.Now,i’m another blacksheep of the family,i’ve got black hair and they’ve got golden hair.We talked like mad and play ps2 until 6+ then wai zhan mother brought us to ben lye house there as i want to get back my bfv.After that we went to prime there to buy drink.Saw emilo on the way and then we went to lan.Thats all,cya bye!Omg,my hand is aching =X!


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