Life is?

In General - Old Posts on March 21, 2005 at 8:53 am

Life is?

Tata holidays!!Hahahahaha!Holidays are over,its time for school again,school rocks,holidays sucks,especially this one.Couldn’t stand the boredom but AOW sure helps me cope with it very well =P.Then got a clan BBQ last saturday,superb I must say!I had great clanmates,we’ve got two to three doctors in the clan,the richest clan I must say heh.Didn’t expect sadistic nut to look like this..heh.Then Sunday was my mum’s birthday eve,we started the celebration during the beginning of the day,fetched grandma and uncle liao then we went to eat dim sum.Man!That was heavenly stuffs,after that we went home.After that,Zerstorer a.k.a Benjamin toh had landed in singapore.Followed by a visit by him,I passed to him his AOW,he gave me a watch,a nice swiss army watch..Thanks dude!We chatted awhile and then he have to go already.Then around 7+ we went to Jack’s Place in AMK to have dinner,as usual…SUPERB!!Good service plus good food,times good environment,unexpectedly good dinner overall.Ok,now its for today,the first day of school is usually the sianest day,went to school few seconds late then got caught by Mr Teo.My father dropped me off the gate and then Mr Teo caught us liao.Then we got to go parade square and do some dumb retarded stuffs like entering down your name,class and time.Then we got punished by running round the parade square 5 times,thats for those who DID’NT run to school knowing that they are late.While I had NO CHANCE to run as my father dropped me off the gate.d-.-b,was that an unfair action or I was just down on my luck.After that,went back to class,great to see my friends again.It was SS as first period,same old stuffs,copying down some questions.The following lessons were bio and art.Art we sure failed to keep awake listening to teacher explaining some “O” level stuffs.Later on we had lame TAF,liu chang,darren and me went to hall together.Then do some jogging and then do some situps and push-ups.POA,the boring lesson with Ms Wong.The time seemed to be moving so slow!!I asked Poh Soo what was the time,he said 12.15.After 20 mins(Which what I thought it should be..),he said 12.24(Poh Soo watch 2 minutes fast btw..),I was like oh my god,was heaven playing a joke on me or what?Why was the time so slow??!!?Then yi hao tell me the time every minute and it was slower than ever,the last five minutes was the worst.Then later got english,sat with zul and then “listen” to H.B wong teach lesson.Then later go KFC with christie,wai zhan and ben quak(i think).Then here am I..cya dudes!;)


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