Life is study study study?

In General - Old Posts on March 3, 2005 at 10:42 am

Life is?

Sian lah…Mdm chia confiscated my whole pad of foolscape full of my works in it and I couldn’t pass up my work to mdm poon -.-.Mdm chia just suck like horseshit,looks like a damn wrinkled panda,talk with a vietnamese accent.Today PE was the most enjoyable,we played badminton,the fun part was when it was Poh Soo turn to serve and hit,he was like,pwned!HAD A GREAT LAUGH there!Thanks poh soo for being a great ENTERTAINER,lol,poor thing,he walked away after 15mins trying to serve and hit properly.Then had matches with christie,he lost =P.After that got very very tired,went to canteen with liu chang and siew huay,brought milo and it DID filled my stomache.Then went back to class.Recess went to SOP and had a rest,while joachim and jip he chatted about MMORPG.Then english,we sorted out the class t-shirt thingy,it turned out quite unsuccessful,not many were co-operative.Liu chang got angry,then we started another vote,in the end,nothing was accomplished I THINK =p.CLB time!Air con!!!Went in and rested awhile until charmaine come,she talked so loud and it woke me up out of my sleep,man,SHE WAS NOISY AND IRRITATING.I couldn’t stand this kind of girl..Then later ben had to write down the pronunciation for the new chapter,then we chatted thru paper msn..ahaha.After that,we did primary school stuffs,teacher read,we read too.Time for SS,we did some copying stuffs,then its time to go home.That moment I remembered to get my pad from mdm chia,I went to the first storey staffroom,called 110 Mdm Chia(dunno what sze la),”Hello,who’s this?”,”er,I’m gyver”,i asked about that pad and she said,”Its just a pad,why would I keep it?Go back class and find —-_____—-“.GRRRRRRRR,DAMN CHIA,TAKE MY THING STILL DUNNO WHERE SHE PUT -.-.I ran all the way back to class and it was locked,then I looked down and saw wai zhan and christie,i shouted to them and asked where is the key.Christie said it was with Liu chang,then I thought,forget it,where the hell can I find her.And of the story,now lets do a summary…MDM CHIA SUCKED BIG TIME…..!!!!!


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