Life is funn?

In General - Old Posts on February 28, 2005 at 8:31 am

Life is?

Had a very tired morning as I slept around 1.30am just night..Woke up at around 6.30,washed up,slept at 6.40 and continue sleeping till 7.10 then went to school.Went to school with a blur face,usual routine,went toilet and saw en chang.Went up to the hall,sat down and saw liu chang with short hair!Lol!,damn funny =P.After that went back to class and LOL!tanglin also short hair AHAHAH!!Her hair was very long at first,now so short liao ahaha.Then she asked everyone,”Eh,my hair nice or not”.”ok lah..” everyone replied.First lesson was maths,then S.S,I got a bad shock,i got 3 for my SS test?!!?omfg that was unbelievable,i wrote so many stuffs and I got 3 marks,guo pan wrote barely a page and got 5!!Man,life is unfair!Hmm,after that its art,then recess.During chinese lim lao si got angry,damn charmaine and si hua,dunno how to respect teacher -.-.Ah,I most hate this kinda girls,act-cute and rude,even the simplest stuffs like respecting teacher don’t know.Ah,stop talking about them,its CME next!Went to computer lab,air-conditioner was spoilt.I sweated as usual,I was wondering why I sweat so easily?Even without any wind for a minute my sweat will roll down my face,like bowling ball!Luckily teacher change lab,lol,the process of changing was damn funny,we commented about some dumb idols,their way of singing.I mimic the way that ass slyvester sang his “It’s my life song”,SO GAYY!After that,its homerun!Thats all,cya B!


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