Life is?

In General - Old Posts on February 27, 2005 at 10:39 am

Life is?

Sunday,woke up at 10.30 because Ben lye called and woke me up.”Hey gyver,what time go shooting?”.Man,shooting again?I regretted joining the Airsoft club thingy,150 bucks flew away to some CC organizing this shooting thingy.Pistols?MAN!!!GIVE ME RIFLES!!You ain’t going war with a stupid self-customized pistol eh?!This taught me to THINK carefully before making a foolish decision.Obviously,I declined the idea of going shooting.Instead,we went to thomson and have some ownage.We started a Battlefield 1942 server,it went bored shooting each other with bazookas,luckily,two person came and started a server,Wake island!!So we joined and soon,the urge of flying made me couldn’t resist it..I flew the zero fighter,more people entered!Oh my god,I was killing like a mad japanese!I got top frag of 50+,and I love the allied players saying,”KNN!When the hell did I offend you!”,”CB LAHH!!KENA ZERO AGAIN!”,I love this comments =PP.Later someone came out of the room and said,”Eh,who that [SAF] guy?Inside everyone scolding you sia!!”.Man I love that,after that,played for hours more,Jun Jia came and played too,stupid noob aghaah..After that went home already.Thats


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