Life is layyy zeee!?

In General - Old Posts on February 22, 2005 at 10:42 am

Life is?

Ahha,I too lazy to post the last few days..Today was omg,it was happening like it was all planned out.Ahha,if ben toh did go,I wouldn’t have met her,if I hadn’t wait for Ben LYE,I wouldn’t have met her.But I still didn’t do it damn!!!Ah stop talking about this already!Today school was bored,esp bio and chem,bio was confusing,the whole lesson I was thinking..”What the hell is she driving at all?!!”,lying down on the table trying to stay awake was all I could do..=P.During chemistry it was “Mdm Chia sucks..fullstop”,the same thing,but this time was putting supporting my head with my hands on the table,trying all I could to keep my eye open.English lesson was fun!Making a row of tables of 7,talking all we could,omg syafiq was so damn funny ahhah,poh soo was so poor thing..LYDIA!AHHA.Thats all for today..cya


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