Life is boring…

In General - Old Posts on January 26, 2005 at 10:12 am

Finally I told myself to write a blog(which I used to think is lame),since beginning of 2004,I had several blogs but none lasted for more than a day =(.Now,since so many of my friends have it and I don’t.


Ahhh,my first blog entry,this day was like a normal routined day.Wake up,go school,wait for bus,go home,do homework,play,eat and sleep.Which is exactly like a typical Singaporean student.And that I hate,I wanna change my life,to make myself more active than ever!Join a better,more active and exciting CCA,without much sweating =P.Mr David Lee W.L,a more formal way of calling him,David Lee when informal =P,in charge of Computer Club,which had not even started since school started,which he claimed that he don’t have enough time to start multi-tasking his classes and CCAs.

And now,its time to join Band,I hope I could,as my friend is in it,and another friend Tsu Ren,with his tard english “How is you” etc.,with Benjamin already in it,I guess I won’t have any problems joining in..guess this will be what I gonna write today,cya!

Edit:NOOOOO!!BF2 DELAYED!!Why??!!?


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